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Leisure Concepts Cover Shelf

Cover Shelf Features:
  • Two sturdy aluminum bars keep the cover out of the way. Simply fold the cover, then push it onto the shelf.
  • Black powdercoated, rust-free construction.
  • Arms fold flat against spa when not in use.
  • Non-corrosive composite mounting brackets.
  • Works on most shaped spas.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

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slide for cover

it is great keeps my cover off ground

Good, cheap solution.

Good solution for people who don’t wan’t cover hardware on top of the hot tub decking, or don’t want a cover creating a wall when it is lifted off. The pipes were a bit difficult to wrangle into the bracket as other reviewers have said. Nonetheless, I had this installed and operational inside 20 mins.

Cover shelf

We love it. It is nice not having to lift it off and set it on the ground every time. Took me a couple of minutes to install. Wish the the mounting brackets were not made of plastic. Concerned about their durability.



Good idea. Needs a bit more support

Works pretty well. I had to add additional support to the interior wood frame of the swim spa since the plastic siding alone iisn't strong enough to support the cantalevered design. Worth the extra labor to install it since it is the least expensive option to hold your cover.

A Good Buy at Hot Tub Warehouse (HTW)

I’m not affiliated with HTW but when I called the Cover Shelf manufacturer to learn of distributors, they gave me 3 names - 2 local and HTW. The local guys were $150 and $250 - HTW was $99.

Regarding the Cover Shelf - very well made, very snug fit in hinges made it a little tough to assemble, but well worth it. We have a small tub so the arms overlap and don’t fold completely flat, but no big deal.

Suggest you mount it low enough so the spa cover is out of sight when you are inside the tub.

Great View!

Ordering it was easy and free shipping was fast. The install was easy with 2 sets of hands. The shelf works just like it is suppose to. Using it is easy enough alone, but faster with 2 and more fun! And the view is great, before I had a lift that when in use looked like a drive-in movie screen. I love the 360 deg. view! For the price $$ and view a definite must have.

It was really hard to

It was really hard to put the tube arms into the brackets had to use a rubber mallet and lots of patience otherwise installation went well. They work really well have used them several times. I love not having to lift the cover up it just slides onto and off of the shelf

This product is great!

I love that I don't have to wait for someone else to be home to help me remove my cover and enjoy the hot tub. I would recommend to any one !

Great Product

Super Fast Shipping!! Great Product for a great price!

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