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Leisure Time Jet Clean - 16 Ounces

Jet Clean by Leisure Time helps to remove buildup of dirt, scale, minerals, oils, and other organic waste hiding in your hot tubs plumbing. Buildup on the pipes can restrict water flow and damage hot tub equipment and jets. To clean the pipes add Jet Clean before you drain your hot tub. To keep pipes clean, apply every three months or each time you drain your hot tub. Also works great in Jetted Tubs!


  • Cleans hot tub plumbing and jets
  • Prevents buildup on pipes that can restrict water flow and damage your spa
  • Removes organic wastes in plumbing that can cause unpleasant odors

Directions for use:

  • Use Jet Clean every 3 months or when the spa is drain and refilled
  • 1. Remove the hot tub filter and clean separately with a filter cleaner.
  • 2. Before spa is drained, add 1 bottle of Jet Clean to warm hot tub water.
  • 3. Turn ON pump and run the jets for 15 minutes. 
  • 4. Turn pump and jets OFF and let sit for one hour.
  • 5. Turn the Pump(s) on and run the jets and blower for 15 minutes.
  • 6. Drain the spa, hosing off the inside of the spa walls while draining.
  • 7. Refill the spa.
Leisure Time Jet Clean

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