Premium Spa Cover


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Please contact us before ordering if:

Your cover measures over 96" in any dimension, has more than two panels (or more than one hinge), has cut-outs for speakers, control panel, handles, etc or it is not completely flat on the bottom.

Item Details

Premium Spa Cover Features

  • High Quality Marine Grade Vinyl:With a weight of 30oz. (per lineal yard), the vinyl is the heaviest available. It also exceeds the specifications of "Marine Grade Vinyl", and "Premium Grade Vinyl".
  • Steam Stoppers:Two Polystrene steam-stoppers keep the heat in.
  • Corrosion Proof Zipper:Marine Grade extruded P.V.C. resin zipper able to withstand corrosion from chemicals and weather.
  • Reinforced Hinge:Double Reinforced Folding Hinge.
  • Metal C-Channel:The foam cores are further strengthened with a full Galvanized C-channel running the entire length of the cover.
  • Full 4" to 2" Tapered Foam:5" to 3" tapered foam available.
  • Super Strong Tie Down Straps:Four tie-downs with keyed lock fasteners provide a well safety rated spa cover.
  • Heavy Duty Handles:Two heavy duty handles on each end of the cover.
  • Breathable Underside Material:Breathable underside material allows water to dissipate and is Ozone, Chlorine and Bromine resistant.
  • Vapor Heat Sealed Foam:Heat sealed foam vapor barrier insulation with an "R" value exceeding 15.
  • Double Stitched:Commercial quality double-stitched for added strength.

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Choose Options

Please measure the skirt from the bottom of the cover down. They range from a minimum length of 1.5" up to a maxi- mum of 10"

This option puts one safety strap on each side of the spa, making it easy to remove or cover the spa no matter what side you are on.

The safety strap is measure from the bottom of the cover down. Please include the skirt length, but not the clip. The strap must hang at least 1.5” below the skirt.

Choose Add-Ons

The seal runs the entire length of the fold to eliminate heat loss through the hinge.

Watkins Cover Lift Plates

For use with Watkins (Hot Springs, Cal- dera, Tiger River, Lime Light, Hot Spot, Etc) hot tub cover lifts. Metal brackets are installed in your new hot tub cover to mount your Watkins cover lift too.

Extra Handles (Total of 4)

Each cover includes a heavy duty handle on each end, this gives you the option to add handles on the sides of the cover as well, to make it easier to lift.

Gazebo Handles

Handles on the underside of the cover.


Adjustable strap length.

Wind Straps

Wind Straps that are adjustable from 6' to 12' (Set of 2).


Each cover includes 4 tie-downs, this gives you the option to add more, if needed.

Spa Cover Cap

The Spa Cover Cap is made from tough, durable woven polyethylene and is designed to protect your hot tub and its cover from the elements. The Spa Cover Cap is 7' square and are 12' deep.

Upgraded 4 mil Vapor Barrier

Provides a thicker barrier to prevent water from saturating the foam.

Upgraded PermaLiner Vapor Barrier

Extremely durable vapor barrier to prevent water from saturating the foam.

Reinforced Hinge

A reinforced hinge is recommended when the cover will be used with a cover lift system and will help to increase the life of the cover.

Rubber Hand Grips

Rubber Hand Grips on the cover handles.