ProTeam Brom Start

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ProTeam Brom Start

ProTeam Brom Start will help create and immediate bromide reserve in your hot tub. When Brom Start is used with Bromine Tablets, the disinfection of the spa or hot tub water will be bromine based. Brom Start is not a disinfectant and it is necessary to use a sanitizer to disinfect your spa and hot tub such as Bromine Tablets.


  • Creates a bromide reserve in hot tub water
  • For use with bromine tablets
  • Liquid formula


  • 16 Ounces

Directions for use:
Use ProTeam Brom Start when filling your spa for the first time and when the spa has been drained and refilled. Add this product before dispensing Bromine Tablets into the spa or hot tub water.

  • Turn on circulation pump.
  • Add 2 ounces per 100 gallons of water to establish a bromide reserve.
  • Introduce bromine tablets to the spa.

Customer Reviews

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I first got the brom start from wal-mart and after adding the entire package we still could not get any brom reading on the test strips. Saw the pro team brom start at Hot Tub Warehouse, and compared the directions on both. Purchased the Pro Team Brom Start from them and had way better results. Using this one from now on. Highly recommend.

Bromaine Starter

I used Bromaine as a sanitizer with my last spa. When we got the new spa 3 years ago I went with the spa companies recommendation, which was clorine based. I found that with the clorine based product we would itch. Going back to Bromaine was a good chose. The spa smells clean and no more itching.

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