ProTeam Spa Alkalinity Up 1 Lbs

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ProTeam Spa Alkalinity Up 1 Lbs

ProTeam Spa Alkalinity Up raises total alkalinity in spa water. The function of total alkalinity is to help buffer pH levels, which may help prevent "pH bounce". When alkalinity is balanced, water will be less likely to cause damage from corrosion or scale. Proper total alkalinity should be maintained between 100-120 ppm.

Directions for use:
Broadcast across spa water surface with the pump running. Add 2 ounces of ProTeam Spa Alkalinity up in 200 gallons of water to increase total alkalinity by 40 ppm. The inside ring of the cap holds 2 ounces.

Alkalinity is an essential part of water balance. Total Alkalinity's function in water balance is to serve as a buffer. This buffering action renders a water that is less aggressive to bathers, spa shell, plumbing and equipment.

Ingredients: Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate 100%

ProTeam Spa Alkalinity Up

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