Spa Pure Alkalinity Increaser 1 lb

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Spa Pure Alkalinity Increaser

Total Alkalinity is a measure of the amount of buffering capacity in the water. It acts as a shock absorber for the PH. If Total Alkalinity is too low, the water is acidic and can corrode equipment, plastics, etc. Low Alkalinity can also cause PH bounce. High Alkalinity can cause scale buildup and water can become cloudy. If the alkalinity is out of balance, the PH will be difficult to balance.

It is recommended to keep your alkalinity levels between 80 and 150 ppm.

Alkalinity Increaser Features:
  • Spa Pure Alkalinity is used to raise the alkalinity of spa and hot tub water
  • Helps to reduce corrosion of metal parts and damage to pump motors and heaters
  • Reduces fluctuation in PH levels
  • Fast dissolving


  • 1 Pound
  • To raise the total alkalinity of your spa by 10 ppm, add 1 1/4oz (2-1/2 tbsp) for every 500 gallons of spa water. Broadcast Spa pure alkalinity increaser directly into spa.
  • 99% Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate

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