Spa Pure Stain and Scale Preventer 16 oz

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Spa Pure Stain and Scale Preventer

Stain and Scale Preventer is a fast-working sequesterant that prevents and eliminates scale and mineral deposits that can build up on hot tub surfaces. It softens hard water and helps prevent mineral staining caused by copper, iron and other minerals.

With Spa Pure Stain and Scale Preventer it only takes one product to prevent staining and mineral buildup which can take multiple products with other brands. Regular use of this product will keep the spa surfaces and plumbing in excellent condition.


  • Effective stain and scale control for hot tubs
  • Prevents scale buildup and staining
  • Prevents calcium build-up on spa surfaces
  • Highly potent formula
  • Compatible with most sanitizing systems


  • 16 Ounces


  • This product should be added when the spa is initially filled and on a weekly basis to prevent stains and scale build up. 
  • Filling Spa: Add 2 to 3 ounces of this product for every 100 gallons of water.
  • Weekly: Add 1 ounce per 100 gallons to the water weekly to prevent stains and scale build up. 

Spa Pure Stain and Scale Preventer

Customer Reviews

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stain and scale

I was surprised at how long it took to receive the product, and when opened it looked like the seal had already been opened. I needed the product, so I was happy to have gotten it thru your site.

Did not fill my order

I purchased 11 bottles of the stain and scale remover, only to get over the free shipping mark. I only received 10 bottles so I tried on multiple occasions to call and get the problem resolved only to be put on hold for 20 minutes or more. They also have an option to leave a call-back number which apparently does not work either. My wife also tried to communicate via email, with no success. So I said "fuck it, those crooked bastards must need that $7 more than me".

spa pure stain and scale preventer

loved it, It works great

Very satisfied

A great company to deal with. I am 100% satisfied. Thanks for your help.

Great product and price.

Haven been using this product for over ten months now and it does what it says.

Clean water

What I like about this product is that it helps with minimizing the oils and lotions that inevitably get into the water. I add it every week with my weekly cleaning routine.

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