Taylor Speed Stir 9265

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Taylor Speed Stir 9265

Taylor's SpeedStir portable magnetic stirrer is intended for use with Taylors' 9198 Sample Tube (Included). This number is visible on the side of the tube. Color Contrast is provided by the white mixing platform of the SpeedStir.

Wherever a drop-count titration test instruction says to swirl the water sample manually, you can use the SpeedStir instead. The magnetic stirrer's action will thoroughly incorporate each addition of reagent in a fraction of second. Six LEDs below the round mixing platform can be lit to make color changes in the test sample easier to see when ambient lighting is poor. The SpeedStir Runs on 4 AA Batteries (Included). Auto-Shutoff after one minute maximizes battery life.

4 AA Batteries
25-ml Sample Tube

Taylor 9265

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