Turbo Ion Exchange Pre-Filter - Filters 8,000 Gallons

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Baleen Filters Turbo Ion Exchange Pre-Filter

Fill your hot tub with pure bottle quality water that ends hard water problems and removes damaging metals from the water supply. Pre-filtered water is more easy to balance. The water will be smoother and softer as a result of less contaminants and chemicals. Results are often seen and felt immediately.

It is specifically designed to remove damaging metals from any water supply. Protect any hot tub from unsightly brown, green, and gray stains caused by metals like iron and copper. It traps metals in the filter before they reach your hot tub. It chemically reacts with metals to physically trap them and effectively remove them permanently.

End hard water. Hard water is tough on hot tubs. Scale on walls, white calcium marks on jets or fixtures, and limescale build up in the filter are advanced signs of hard water decay. Interior parts are generally damaged first, especially the heater and sanitation systems. Eventually limescale becomes present in the water in the form of "calcium flakes".

The Ion Exchange Resin removes unwanted calcium and magnesium replacing it with soft sodium producing higher quality pre-softened water. It is even safe and effective, even on tough waters found in problem wells.


  • Filters up to 8,000 gallons of water
  • Stops hard water problems
  • Prevents equipment damage and surface staining from hard water and metals entering your hot tub from your water source
  • Removes calcium, scale, magnesium, iron, lead, copper and other heavy metals including chloramines, hydrogen sulfide and many other harmful contaminants
  • Prevents floating flakes, unsightly stains, and nasty smells
  • Higher quality fill water makes water feel more natural, soft and pure
  • Universal fitting connects to any standard hose fixtures
  • Perfect for hot tubs, pools, spot-free car washes, gardening, aquariums, decorative ponds, camping, RV'ing and well users

Directions for use:

  • Screw filter onto any standard garden hose fitting. Turn on the water and flush out any loose debris for 25 seconds. Then begin the filling process. The slower the fill, the more effective the process.;
  • Once activated, this will be fully effective for up to 2 years or up to 8,000 gallons of water. To retain effectiveness refresh the filter by adding a saline solution (diluted salt water) into the cartridge, ensuring the water-tight end caps are replaced.


  • High sediment water can shorten the filter life. If water flow becomes restricted, replace the filter.

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