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Good price. Does the job

It would have been better if it came with the o-ring. Then it would be 5 stars. These fitting are straight pipe not tapered so they require o-rings. Save us a trip to the store and include it. Still worth it if you buy several to justify the shipping cost.

Good job

Item was just as shown

Worset Company ever.

This part was part of a larger order that I placed on a Sunday. Everything was in stock and said would ship within 24 hrs. Ok got a email on Monday claiming my entire order shipped out. fast forward till Thursday still had not received my order. so I called. well after 45 min on hold a woman final answered I gave her my order number so she could look it up. She then told me that my items should ship out today. when I asked her why 4 days later after there email claims it shipped she said well Some times are system puts orders on hold When i asked why she said she didn't know. so I told her to just cancel my order. She replied tell me they don;t cancel orders that my item will ship and after I get it if i still want to cancel it I should call he. I asked to speak to a manager. she then told me she was them manager. and that if there was nothing else we were done for today. and then the phone went dead. Fast forward a week Final got the order a hole 12 days after the order was placed. I tried calling to get a RGA for everything well after over an hour on hold i decied to just send a email. so i sent an email asking for the RGA well took two days for them to respond saying they would call the supplier to try and get me a RGA. took 3 days for that to happen. So got a RGA to send everything back but then wanted me to pay to ship everything back to 3 diffrent places. so I again emailed then asking why I should pay to ship back product due to there poor service. Again two days go buy and they reply say they refuse to pay the shipping back. so I sent them a email requesting them to pay the shipping our I would contact the BBB. only then did they offer to pay for the shipping. so this entier thing took almost a month. Do your self a favor and order from another website as these people are just crooks. If 0 stars were an option I would have done 0. Stay away from this place

Waterway barb adapter

Perfect part, great price for the part and for the shipping. Thanks

Great hot tub needs and prices

Hard to find parts for your hot tub can be found here good prices

Easy to find parts, fast delivery

The "freeze plug" in my hot tub/spa leaked after fracturing where the threads join the o-ring seal face. I didn't even know what the part was called until I saw all of the images on the HOT TUB WAREHOUSE site. I was able to compare my "freeze plug" against other barbed fittings. I decided that since I live in South Texas where freezes are extremely rare, I could use the fitting described here. This fitting is more substantial than the 'freeze plug" and will last longer. I used the O-ring from the "freeze plug" which seals just fine against the face of the shoulder on this fitting.

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