Get your Hot Tub Ready for Spring in 5 Easy Steps

Spring is right around the corner! In our neck of the woods we have surprisingly hit 60 degrees today, in mid-March and it is wonderful! It has me ready to get outside and get the yard cleaned up after the long winter and get things ready for outdoor enjoyment in the months ahead.

Here are five easy steps to get your hot tub ready for spring:


Clean It

Give your hot tub a good deep clean from top to bottom, inside and out. First of all, purge it with Spa Purge, this will clean out any gunk and grime build up out of your plumbing.

After purging, drain your spa and clean all of your surfaces with a hot tub surface cleaner.

This is also a good time to give your hot tub cover a deep clean and make sure it is free of any mold or mildew build up.

Clean your filter,  and give it a through spray to get rid of any clogs or build up. If your old filter has had it, replace it! Most filters last about 1 year if they are properly cared for.


Refill and Balance It

Once you have give the entire tub a through cleaning refill the water using a pre-filter. This will filter out and metals or sediment in your water and make it easier to balance your water chemistry. Once you have it filled, balance the chemicals with the help a water test kit. This will help ensure things in order from the get go.


Check It

Turn on your jets and make sure your pump is working properly, make sure the heater is working up to snuff. If you find any hot tub jets that are deteriorating or getting work out it is time to replace them. Spring is a great time to replace anything that is not in tip top shape because the weather is so favorable for the labor portion of the job!


Accessorize It

Whether you need a set of hot tub steps or a handrail to make getting in and out of the tub easier, or a cover lift to make removing and replacing the cover less strenuous spring is a great time to accessorize your hot tub!


Relax and Enjoy It

The nice days and cool evenings make spring a wonderful time to sit back, relax and enjoy your hot tub with your favorite person, a cold drink, and the soothing essence of Spazazz Aromatherapy.

So get out there and get your hot tub ready to enjoy for spring!
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