Have Your Valentine's Date at Home, Use Your Hot Tub

It is now February, meaning that Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us! If you are still unsure of how to woo your sweetheart this year consider a romantic date night at home. As a hot tub owner you have a perfect romantic setting to work with. So here is what you do…

First, take care of dinner.

Set up with a red tablecloth, some candles, and some romantic background music. If you are not into cooking order takeout and serve it up on nice dinnerware or if you want to pull out all the stops and show off your cooking skills, do it!

Cooking Light, offers 20 Romantic Dinners for Two as ideas and recipes for what you could whip up. Whether you choose, a roasted rack of lamb or spice rubbed pork chops or maybe just his/her favorite meal, as long as you take the time to prepare it, they will love it, because really it is about the thought and time you put into it, right?

Second, gifts.

Whether you choose flowers, jewelry, chocolate or something other than the staples just make sure you think about your love as you make the purchase and remember how much you love them and choose something you know they would love.

Third, the hot tub.

Make sure you have your hot tub prepared, that it is cleaned and the chemicals are in balance. Then set up the area romantically with a fancy drink, some chocolate covered strawberries, and frozen grapes.  Maybe some white lights, candles, or even flowers whatever works for your hot tub setting.  Use your favorite Spazazz Set the Mood Crystals to appeal to your partners senses. Make sure you have the romantic music playing in your hot tub and enjoy an amazing night with your love!

Frozen Grapes

    1. Rinse Grapes
    1. Place grapes in single layer on wax paper, cookie sheet, or plate.
    1. Freeze grapes for 4-5 hours.
    1. Take them out for a delicious snacking pleasure.

(You can sprinkle them with a little sugar if you like but they really don’t need it)

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