Soft Soak Biguanide Sanitizing System

Looking for a bromine free, chlorine free sanitizer option for your hot tub? Consider Soft Soak by SpaGuard. With low maintenance needs this could be a great option for clean soothing spa environment without the chemical smell and skin irritation that can come with chlorine or bromine use.

The Soft Soak System has 6 different products; here is a small overview of each one:

Soft Soak Sanitizer:

This effective control over bacteria will keep your spa clean without the odor and skin drying caused by traditional chlorine and bromine sanitizer options. A polymeric action attracts contaminants to sanitize your spa with a non-corrosive and non-staining formula it is safe for your spa.

Soft Soak Shock:

This essential part of the Soft Soak family breaks down and removes contaminants in your spa water brought in by bathers, such as body oils, lotions, and other debris. It will also help enhance filtration and ensure your spa water is clean and clear.

Soft Soak Stain and Scale Control:

Stain and scale on your hot tub can be caused by hard water and mineral deposits in the water, Soft Soak Stain and Scale Control will help combat these things keeping your hot tub clear of scale and stain allowing your Soft Soak Shock to be more effective.

Soft Soak Spa Conditioner:

Does the ring around the top of your hot tub surface at your water line drive you crazy? Mine too! SoftSoak Spa Conditioner is made specifically to combat that pesky water line around the top of your spa; with a weekly dosage your spa will look cleaner, making it more enjoyable for you.

Soft Soak Filter Cleaner:

This filter cleaner is made specifically for biguanide (chlorine and bromine free) systems and will help reduce clogged filters allowing for better water flow and filtration in your hot tub.

Soft Soak Test Strips:

These test strips are made specifically for use with the biguanide Soft Soak system, as testing is an essential part of proper hot tub care it is important to use test strips that are compatible with the system you are using.

The Soft Soak System is a great option if you are looking for an alternative to the traditional chlorine and bromine sanitizers. Many people prefer a biguanide system to the traditional ones because they have no chemical smell and leave skin feeling soft and not dried out by the chemicals.
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