Perfect Last Minute Gifts for the Hot Tub Lover

Here we are about 10 days before Christmas and you are probably frantically searching to find the perfect gift for those hard people to shop for on your list. Well here are a few ideas for the hot tub lover in your life, but hurry an order quick to get them before Christmas!


Hot Tub Aromatherapy

Whether you go with an elixir or crystals the gift of hot tub aromatherapy is sure to please any hot tub lover in your life, it can also be used in the bath so if there is a bath lover on your list this is perfect for them too. With so many fragrances to choose from there is something for every taste!


 Floating Light Up Pals or Floating Glitter Globe

These adorable little guys are the perfect gift for the kids or kids at heart on your list! Either one of the Floating Light Up Pals or a Floating Glitter Globe will provide fun in the hot tub or bath as they float around and light up!

 Hot Tub Cover Lifts

If you are looking for a larger gift a hot tub cover lift may be the perfect solution! It will add rest and enjoyment for the hot tub user as they can remove and replace the bulky cover with ease.  As cover lifts do vary based on size and location of the hot tub, you will need to make sure you are familiar with the hot tub prior to purchasing one of these.


Hot Tub Pillows

Allowing the hot tub lover to lay back and relax what could be a better gift than a hot tub pillow? Made for use in the hot tub these are a great option to offer added rest and relaxation.


Filter Flosser

As every hot tub owner knows cleaning your filter is a required part of keeping your spa clean but at times can be less than enjoyable, with a Filter Flosser the hot tub lover in your life will no longer need to dread cleaning the filter. It will help get the tough stuff out with hardly any effort!

So hurry, order the perfect gift for the hot tub lover in your life and see the smile that comes to their face as added rest and relaxation is delivered!
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