Leisure Time Hot Tub Chemicals Glossary

Hot Tub Warehouse now carries Leisure Time hot tub chemicals. Leisure Time has a wide range of products providing quality spa care for over 25 years.  Below we have created a glossary of the Leisure Time products we carry to help you know what each one does and figure out which ones you need.

Hot Tub Sanitizers

Leisure Time Brom Tabs:  These bromine tablets are designed for use in a hot tub floating bromine feeder, in a hot tub set up with bromine as the sanitizer option.

Leisure Time Free Sanitizing System: This new addition to the Leisure Time family is 100% chlorine and bromine free! For use in a hot tub set up using Leisure Time Free Sanitizing System or a biguanide system, this is considered by many a softer gentler way to sanitize.

Leisure Time Boost : Part of the Leisure Time Free Sanitizing System, Boost is a chlorine free shock treatment that breaks down organic contaminants in your hot tub water.

Leisure Time Free:  Another part of the Leisure Time Free Sanitizing System, Free is a 100% bromine and chlorine and odor free, biguanide based sanitizer.

Leisure Time Renew: This a fast acting non-chlorine based granular spa shock that can be added after each spa use to eliminate organic contaminants brought into your spa by bathers, such as lotions, oils, sweat, and urine.

Leisure Time Renew Tabs: A fast acting non-chlorine shock that comes in easy to use dosage tabs, adding it to your spa after each use will help break down any organic contaminants brought into your hot tub by bathers like body lotions and oils, and sweat.

Leisure Time Replenish: This 4 in 1 shock treatment combines the benefits of chlorine shock, non-chlorine oxidizer, clarifiers and buffers. It is an ideal shock for spas using mineral systems, but can also be used with bromine and chlorine sanitizing systems.

Leisure Time Renew and Reserve Sanitizing System: This system combines Leisure Time Reserve and Leisure Time Renew (tabs or granular), into a completely chlorine free sanitizing system, void of the unpleasant side effects that often accompany other chlorine-free systems.

Leisure Time Spa 56: Chlorine granules specifically formulated for spas using a chlorine sanitizing system, Spa 56 will effectively disinfect and sanitize your water with use daily to maintain a level of  2-3 ppm (parts per million). Spa 56 can also be used for super chlorination every 2-4 weeks.


Hot Tub Balancers

Leisure Time Alkalinity Increaser:  For use with all sanitizer systems this product will increase your alkalinity levels, a critical element of pH control in your hot tub.

Leisure Time Calcium Booster:  By raising levels of hardness in your water Calcium Booster will help prevent foaming and equipment corrosion which come as a result of low calcium in your water.

Leisure Time Liquid Spa Down:  Will help lower pH levels in your hot tub.

Leisure Time Liquid Spa Up: Will help raise pH levels in your hot tub water.

Leisure Time pH Balance Plus: This unique formula works to lock in your hot tub’s pH levels within the recommended range from the time you fill the tub with fresh water to the time you drain it.

Leisure Time Spa Down: This granular product helps adjust water alkalinity and pH down. It provides greater control for large and commercial spas over its liquid counterpart.

Leisure Time Spa Up:  This granular product helps raise water alkalinity and pH levels. It provides greater control for large and commercial spas over its liquid counterpart.

Hot Tub Clarifiers

Leisure Time Bright & Clear: Specifically developed for use in hot water, Bright and Clear uses a unique polymer action to collect and remove soap, dirt, oil, and other particles from your water, leaving it Bright & Clear.

Leisure Time Defender: Specifically designed to prevent and defend against scale and mineral build up in your hot tub.

Leisure Time Enzyme: This blend of natural enzymes will work to breakdown contaminants in your spa, such as lotion, oil, and other organics that can cause scum lines and odors. This will help cut down on maintenance of hot tub filters and spa surfaces.

Leisure Time Foam Down: No matter what type of sanitizer you use, Foam Down can help you suppress foam in your hot tub, as it is specifically designed for hot water applications.

Leisure Time Control: To be used with the Leisure Time Free Sanitizing System, Control will help reduce and prevent scale buildup in your hot tub.

Leisure Time Metal Gon:  Use a one-time application of Metal Gon each time you refill your spa to help control and prevent iron and other metals from building up in your spa.

Hot Tub Cleaners

Leisure Time Filter Clean: Compatible with all sanitizing systems this filter cleaner will clean deep down in your filter cartridge to remove any built up oils, dirt, debris, grease, and lotions.

Leisure Time Jet Clean: Helping to remove the buildup in your plumbing that can be causing restricted water flow and damage to equipment and jets, Jet Clean will reach and clean where you can’t.

Leisure Time Citrabrite: Using the power of citrus this tough cleaner will help remove waterline stains, scale buildup, and scum from your hot tub surfaces. It also works great on patio furniture, swimming pools and more!

Leisure Time Fast Gloss: Made especially for hot tubs, Fast Gloss helps protect, seal, and waterproof your hot tub finishes, preventing oxidation and fading. Basically it works like a wax for your hot tub shell.

Leisure Time Cover Care and Conditioner: Providing a clean shine to your hot tub cover, Cover Care and Conditioner will also protect your vinyl and add UV protection, helping extend the life of your hot tub cover.

As you can see Leisure Time has a very large array of products for all your spa chemical needs. If you are still unsure of what you should use in your hot tub, contact us a Hot Tub Warehouse where our customer service representatives are always happy to help!
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