Save Energy and Extend the Life of your Hot Tub Cover with a Spa Thermal Blanket

What is a Spa Thermal Blanket?

A spa thermal blanket is an insulating, floating blanket that lies on top of your hot tub water. Spa thermal blankets cut down on evaporation, making it and energy saver and also protecting your hot tub cover.

Cutting down on the evaporation coming out of your hot tub can benefit you as a hot tub owner in a few different ways .


Lower Hot Tub Heating Costs

Heat can often escape your hot tub through the seams of your hot tub cover; heat also travels easier through moist air than dry air so when your put dry air between your water surface and your insulated hot tub cover you will lose less heat, a spa thermal blanket can reduce heat loss from your hot tub up to 95%.


Lower Hot Tub Chemical Costs

By cutting down on the evaporation coming out of your hot tub you could cut down on the need to add additional chemicals as chlorine and some bromine can be lost through evaporation. Losing less chemicals out of the water due to evaporation can help lower the cost of chemicals over time as you do not need to add additional dosages as often.


Extend the Life of your Hot Tub Cover

As a hot tub owner you have surely noticed the buildup of water on the underside of the hot tub cover when you remove it. Most covers over time also absorb that water and the chemicals that are evaporating out of the water causing the cover to become waterlogged and eventually need replaced.  Using a spa thermal blanket as a barrier between the water and the cover will help to prevent water logging and extend the life of your hot tub cover.

Spa thermal blankets are very easy to use and low maintenance. At Hot Tub Warehouse, we carry them in a 7’x7’ square or an 8’x8’ square but they are very easy to cut to an exact fit for your particular spa size. Once you fit them to your hot tub they just float on top of your water. They are light weight and very easy to remove and replace at each spa use.

So don’t hesitate, grab a Spa Thermal Blanket today and start saving energy and extending the life of your spa cover!
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