Boost Enjoyment with a Hot Tub Booster Seat

After we had our hot tub for a while I told my husband I really didn’t enjoy getting in it all that much, “They need to make a seat for short people,” I would tell him. At about 5 ft. 3 inches tall, if I tried to sit flat on my rear end in any of the seats in our hot tub I would be swallowing water as my mouth was right at the waterline. I had to sit on my knees and find ways to boost myself up just to keep my mouth above the water; this quickly grew uncomfortable and definitely made it so I was not getting the best experience out of our hot tub as I should be.

I had just figured I was stuck with the problem because I owned the hot tub and that is how the seats were made,the thought of a hot tub booster seat had honestly never crossed my mind, even working in the hot tub industry! So as soon as we started carrying the Water Brick Hot Tub Booster Seat by Cover Valet I was so excited! Finally a solution to my problem, I could actually fully enjoy our hot tub without having to worry about swallowing water!

The Water Brick Hot Tub Booster Seat is super easy to use and very comfortable. Available in your choice of blue or black pvc coated vinyl it is built to withstand your spa environment. All you need to do is fill the removable pouch with marbles or pea gravel which will prevent the seat from floating, then place it in your seat for a boost. With over 4 inches of padding it can even be used by others who may not need a boost but are looking for added comfort. Truly a must have for any hot tub!
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