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Keeping your water clean and balanced is your number one priority as a hot tub owner. Clean and sanitary water means you’re more likely to use your spa frequently and proper maintenance means that your equipment will last a good, long time. As a hot tub owner, you’re likely to have all kinds of spa chemicals in your possession and you may wonder how to store them properly. In today’s post, we’re teaching you how to store hot tub chemicals and test strips to keep you safe and your water clean.

Keep Things Organized

SmartStep Jr-3TIf you keep everything in a secure location, it’s easier to keep track of your products and prevent them from being damaged or destroyed. A sealing plastic storage bin is an excellent option because it is portable and can protect your chemicals from the environment. It can be carried to and from a place that is high and dry and protects against potential water leaks. It’s also a great way to keep everything out of reach of small children and household pets who could possibly get into the chemicals.

If you keep everything stored in a bin, label the tops of the bottles so you know what you can pick the right product on the first try without having to take out and examine every bottle. Make note of the expiration date of test strips directly on the package with permanent marker or a label. I know some of you fellow-OCD sufferers have a label maker at your fingertips!

Other possible solutions are over-the-door shoe organizers (the ones with individual slots) that keeps everything visible and within reach. A locking cabinet is also a good option for households with small children who are prone to grabbing and opening anything they can grab.

Many companies also make spa steps that lead up to a hot tub and have a hidden compartment in them so you can store hot tub chemicals and have them within arm’s reach of the spa. This could be a good idea for a few commonly used chemicals or pool toys, but we don’t recommend keeping all of your spa supplies out in the elements.

Double Check Your LidsC002510-CS20B1-2

After you’ve used a bottle of chemicals, double check all of your lids and caps to make sure they’re completely tightened. Containers full of powders, granules, and tablets can create harmful gases if the lids aren’t properly sealed. This also leaves them susceptible to leaking or being contaminated by outside water. Keeping lids tight also ensures they last a long time.

Safety first! Always be very careful when you’re using any kind of chemical. If you do have a spill or have liquid product that drips down a bottle, wipe it off thoroughly with a clean rag to make sure you aren’t mixing chemicals as they’re stored together.

Keep Out of the Elements

Most all of your hot tub chemicals, cleaners, and test strips are vulnerable in extreme weather; being exposed to high or freezing temperatures can render your products ineffective, meaning you’re basically pouring money down the drain if you don’t take care of where they’re stored. In the high heat of summer, test strips can degrade and digital accessories can get damaged to the point that they can no longer function. If they freeze, bottles full of liquid chemicals can burst or become de-homogenized.

If you live somewhere that experiences the extreme weather brought on by all four seasons or you have high humidity, keep your products stored indoors. Ideally, they should be kept in an environment where the temperature stays around 55°-77° Fahrenheit. Chlorine products and test kits are the most sensitive to heat, so take special care to be sure they stay cool and dry.

Keeping everything out of the elements (wind, rain, etc.) is also important. HIGH AND DRY is a good rule of thumb for storing your hot tub chemicals. Keep everything in a dry environment and out of direct sunlight to ensure maximum chemical longevity.

Moisture is one of the number one reasons that hot tub chemicals degrade. According to the EPA, water leaking onto chemicals or being stored on a wet garage floor can lead to the creation of toxic gases. In rare cases, this even becomes a fire hazard. Strive to keep your spa chemicals OFF OF THE GROUND and out of the way of vehicles and foot traffic.

Remember: HIGH AND DRY

01-14-3318-2TAdditional Hot Tub Chemical Tips

    • If you use muriatic acid in your water, store it separately from any chlorine products.

    • If any hot tub chemicals come in contact with your eyes, rinse immediately. Pay attention during use to avoid any of these complications.

    • Bleach goes bad rapidly over time—the higher the concentration, the quicker it deteriorates. Bleach that has a 6% strength will last a year, 10% will last 4-5 months, 12% strengths lasts for up to 60 days. Make a notation on the bottle with permanent marker so you know when it’s about to become less effective. You can still use the bleach, but you might have to use at higher volume.

    • Granular chemicals typically maintain efficacy longer than the ones in liquid form.

    • Wash all spills with WATER immediately. Be careful with harsh cleaners that might create harmful gases.

    • READ the bottle once it’s empty so you know how to properly dispose of it. Most spa chemicals are not to be thrown out with the rest of your household rubbish.
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