All About Hot Tub Headrests


The modern hot tub is always equipped with a headrest. Hot tub headrests make your time in the water more comfortable so that you can get the most out of your precious relaxation. However, hot tub headrests can become damaged over time as the rubber or vinyl coating wears over time in a hyperchlorinated environment, compromising the integrity of the material.


Damage from Hyperchlorination

When you perform a shock in your hot tub, whether it’s to fix an unbalanced chemistry problem or to clear up the water after a heavy bather load, the gases emitted can be rather damaging on any permeable material in the hot tub, including the cover and the headrests. For this reason, it’s recommended to leave your hot tub cover off for the first 15-30 minutes after shocking the water so that 72593-1the noxious gases can escape while the shock still does its job.

Some older hot tub head rests are more likely to deteriorate because the cushion is made of a foam surrounded by an exterior laminate. As the laminate disintegrates and cracks over time, the foam becomes exposed and make flake off into the water. Not only is this not aesthetically appealing, the foam can gum up the plumbing and clog your filters. If this is the case, you will need to replace your spa headrests as soon as possible.

Note: most modern head rests in hot tubs are made of a different material that is far less spongy, but significantly more resilient.


Headrest Longevity

There is advice out there that will suggest owners remove their hot tub head rests between uses to preserve their quality. While it makes sense to protect them from the warm, damp, chemical environment, you run the risk of damaging the pillows during removal and replacement which result in tears and ill-fitting headrests. In general, we do not recommend this as a regular practice.

We do recommend taking the headrests off during your regular hot tub cleanings to prevent mold and mildew accumulation and protecting their integrity.

When removing and replacing a hot tub headrest, be aware of what kind of attachment you’re dealing with. Pillows usually have a few different manners of connecting: snap in, bolt on, pull off, and retainer clips. Whether taking it off or putting it back on, make sure you’re careful and aren’t putting undo wear and tear on them in the process.

Take really good care of your hot tub headrests because they can be expensive to replace, particularly if you need to order them through the manufacturer.
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